Friday, April 10th will be an unconference day, where we use prompts to talk about issues important to LIS education and the success of LIS graduates.

Unconference sessions will be small group discussions between 5-8 participants. You will choose your group based on the prompt you are most interested in during that session. There will be separate sets of prompts for Unconference Session 1 and Unconference Session 2.

Following the two breakout sessions, there will be an interactive, conversational report-back session where we are all together (in room 126) and have a chance to see some of the solutions and talking points brought up in the groups.

Feel free to peruse the linked prompts before the conference! We plan to make these public documents, probably through our final report.

Additionally, while a specific room is noted for each group meeting, your group can discuss your prompt in any space that feels safe and comfortable to you. We just ask that you be cognizant of classes and other events happening within the GSLIS building and be back in time for the next unconference session and report back event.

If you’re taking notes for your session, please visit our collaborative notes landing page for instructions on how to take collaborative notes and links to each session’s space for notes. These are truly collaborative– anyone can edit them during the session. We just ask that you respectful of others attempting to take notes as well.

Time Activity
12:40 PM–1:25 PM Unconference Session 1 

Prompt 1, Evolving LIS Curricula  – 126 LIS

Prompt 2, Too Many Graduates?  – 126LIS

Prompt 3, Student Engagement and Transparency in LIS Education – 126 LIS

Prompt 4, Social Justice in LIS Education – 109 LIS

Prompt 5, A Utopian Vision of LIS – 341 LIS

1:25 PM –1:40 PM Break
1:40 PM –2:25 PM Unconference Session 2 

Prompt 1, Students Supplementing their LIS Education  – 126 LIS

Prompt 2, Mentorship in LIS Education  – 126 LIS

Prompt 3, Online LIS Degree Programs – 126 LIS

Prompt 4, Critical Theory in LIS – 109 LIS

Prompt 5, Addressing Racial Diversity in LIS – 341 LIS

2:25 PM –2:40 PM Break
2:40 PM –3:40 PM Report back from unconference session- 126
Keynote transition